Historical Inventory Valuation : How to adjust out the inventory without do the adjustment transacation

  • 18 June 2021
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Hi Sir

We have encountered a problem about the inventory , we make mistake do receipt in a part # where that should be use existing 5 parts to do kit assembly into one part # . Currently , our system have extra 5k in inventory history valuation but in financial inventory account is correct . 

We cannot do adjustment transaction as it concern about double entry where it will affected financial account figure.

May i know if there is any way to do offset the extra 5k in inventory but not affected the financial inventory figure?  

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you


Best answer by Naveen Boga 6 July 2021, 13:34

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Hi Erin,

[Erin] Q.May i know if there is any way to do offset the extra 5k in inventory but not affected the financial inventory figure? 

[Chandra] You can follow the below steps:

 1. Temporarily Disable (unselect) the "Update GL" in the Inventory Preferences screen (Refer to the screenshot below)

 2. Execute the adjustments and release the Adjustment

 3. Enable (Select) the "Update GL" option.



1. Forgetting to revert the settings will result in inventory transactions that do do not post to the GL.

1. No other inventory related transactions should be performed during this activity.

2. Perform this activity after notifying the users, Schedule lockout of Acumatica and execute during Off-Business hours.


Screenshot for reference:


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Hi ChandrasekharM

Thank you very much for the GOOD info.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Does it mean we unclick “ update GL” , which mean if we perform “ issue”  inventory  , it wont do any transaction in GL and affected transaction financial account, the inventory issue is only affected the inventory report figure?


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Hi ChandrasekharM

Understand you are financial expert, can i quick check with you about the inventory valuation historical report figure actually not link directly with financial inventory account? is my understanding is correct?

If Yes, may i know which inventory report is directly link to financial inventory account?

used case:

we notice this matter on last month when our logistics department receipt into wrong branch but put in correct warehouse locationdue to this matter . we aware of the inventory valuation historical report is not link with financial inventory account , during that time , the figure of financial inventory account is not tie with inventory historical report.

Not sure if you could explain more about the relationship of inventory report and financial inventory account

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Hi Erin, Please try the Inventory Valuation Report to get the value of your inventory vs the Trial Balance Summary Report and Trail Balance Detail Report (if subaccount is configured)


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Hi Cahndarsekhar


I tried to unclick the “ Update GL” but seem like i not allow to unclick it. Do you have any idea what is the reason?



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Hi @erin,

You might have “View Only” Access Rights for the “Inventory Preferences screen”, hence you are NOT able to modify the fields.

Please provide the proper Access Rights, so that you can able to modify the values accordingly.



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Hi @erin Please follow the screenshot provided by @Naveen B to update the access to the checkbox. And keep me posted.


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hi @erin  Are you able to perform the inventory adjustments without affecting the GL, with the instructions. Please confirm.



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