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  • 17 August 2022
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HI All,

we set up dunning letter by document, but on Print/ Release Dunning Letter (AR522000) we can not select specific document to process.

And can we filter action by customer, by location, by document?

Thanks for your kind advise,

Yên Chi


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Hello, I created these steps to demonstrate how to configure Dunning Letters.

  1. In AR Preferences, multiple levels of letters with different text can be configured according to number of days past due. Select # Days to Settle and whether Late Fees are applied.  The Dunning Fee Item is a non-stock item that can be configured in the Non-Stock Items screen.

Each dunning letter levels specify the time intervals after which each dunning letter can be prepared for a customer. As many levels of dunning letters as needed can be configured.  Dunning letters are prepared successively: A dunning letter of the second level cannot be prepared until after the dunning letter of previous level has been prepared.  Also, the dunning letter for each level cannot be prepared for the customer until an outstanding document that matches that level (number of days past due) appears.

  1. In Customer Mailings (Receivables → Customers → Mailing & Printing tab), the Mailing Settings default to each customer from the Customer Class Mailing Settings at the time the customer is set up in the system.   The Mailing settings can be updated at any time.  Individual customers can have different settings for Email Account (the email address that the emails appear to be FROM), Report (different groups of customers may receive different dunning letters), File Format (Text, PDF, Html, or Excel), etc.

Specify recipients for the Dunning Letter at the bottom of the Mailing & Printing tab.

  1. In Prepare Dunning Letters, a list of customers (or for documents, depending on AR Preference setting) with overdue documents appears.  Click the checkbox to select customers for whom dunning letters will be prepared.  Click Process.
  2. In Print Dunning Letters,after preparing dunning letters in the previous step, dunning letters that are ready to print appear in the Print Dunning Letters screen.  Click the checkbox to select dunning letters to be printed.

    In the Print Dunning Letters screen, the generated dunning letters can be previewed, printed, and/or emailed to customers, if email accounts are configured in the system.  By default, the system shows dunning letters that haven't yet been printed. To view all generated letters for the interval, select the Show All check box.

  3. Open payments, prepayments, and credit memos aren't listed in the letter, and their balances aren't counted in the total balances shown in the letter. Therefore, all open payments and credit memos should be applied to overdue documents before preparing the dunning letters.

Two Dunning Letter Inquiry screens can be used to review the history of letters sent to each customer.



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Thank you @laura01 - moved

Hi, @laura01 Thank you for your guideline. On Print Dunning Letters Screen, is it possible to filter by Customer Location & by Ref Number?

There are some cases, with the same customer, there are 2 locations (Location A - 3 overdue docs, location B - 4 overdue docs) and I only want to print & email 2 overdue docs from Location A) to the customer.



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Hello, Using Standard screens (not customized) I see we cannot see the customer location in Prepare Dunning screen.  We have no parameter for customer location and we can’t see the column on which you want to filter.

I can see Customer Class.  Perhaps, instead of using Customer Locations you could turn on Parent-child Relationship in Enable/Disable, and then use the Parent field in Customer profiles to link the parent to the children.  With this alternate configuration of parent-children customers, you could place some children in a different customer class -- because doing so will allow you to choose a certain class of customers in the Prepare Dunning screen.

We can control the report version/format that the customer locations receive, in Customer Locations screen…. but cannot select to send Dunning to only one customer location when more than one location has late documents that qualify.

You may wish to work with your partner to customize the Dunning Process to prepare and print by customer location. Good luck.

Thank @laura01 so much for your advice!

I have one more question. There are 2 options Process Dunning by Customer or by Document. As I understand if we choose Process Dunning by Document, which means we can select which document we want to Prepare & Print. But on my screen, it doesn't show Document Ref Number for selecting

 Please correct me if Im wrong.

Thank you for your kind support!

Yên Chi


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