After upgrading from 2019R2 to 2020R1, meet "Sequence contains no matching element" errors on creating customer refund on "AR302000"

  • 3 August 2020
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      Our company normally just give customer credit memo and will not refund money. So we used “customer refund” function only 1 time in 2019R2, and it is ok. It went well, no error happened.
       However, after we had upgraded to 2020R2 and we had to create a new customer refund. it says “Sequence contains no matching element”. Just right after we have chosen the type as “customer refund” or “void refund”.
      Can someone helped us out?



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Hello @ray20 ,

       Usually this error is seen if there are incomplete or incorrect automations steps for the Payments and Application screen. How was the customer refund created? By default Acumatica comes with a Customer Refund Type in Payments and Applications?


Please review the automation steps, if the refund was created by a customization please (in a test environment) unpublish and see if the default refund works correctly. 





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Thank you David, and thank all the Acumatica support team.
Acumatica support are acting quickly and per their response, they did not encounter this issue with “Acusupport” user account. SO I went back to this issue deeper.
Here is my findings:
    This issue happens when logged in as “Admin”, I normally played as admin in my company. Other colleague’s user account encounter no errors.
    So this is really weird.
    The good news is we can workaround on this issue that we just use another user account to do the refund document.
    The bad news is if it is a rare case, happens in rare conditions, it might be hard to reproduce and fix.

By the way, we did no customizations nor any adds-on automation on customer refund functions. And I did use admin to create the previous refund successfully and it only showed issue recently.


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Hello @ray20,

Could you please check, does the admin user have a filter set on the Customer Order column of the Documents to Apply tab set as shown in the following screenshot?

If so, this is a minor known issue reported for 2019 R2 Update 9 (19.209.0038) and later, including all current builds of Acumatica ERP 2020 R1. Below is the example of the same error reproduced on the 2020 R1 Update 2 (20.102.0015).

The issue has a simple workaround: reset the column configuration to default as shown in the following screenshot. If the Reset to Default button is disabled, change the order or visibility of columns to enable it.

If the issue persists, please copy the Trace once the error appears. For more info on how to copy the error trace log, refer to the Troubleshooting errors using the trace log article. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to troubleshoot the issue from one screenshot, especially taking into account that some of the errors does not address the exact issue and is very common, like this one or, for example, the ‘Object not set to an instance of an object’ error. In our experience, as the David correctly mentioned, the ‘Sequence contains no matching element’ usually related to the automation steps. It is not necessary the customization or add-on, it might be some minor altertions like disabling the field or changing combo-box values on the automation steps.

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Hello Irina,

    Thank you, and thank David also. You guys are incredible. This issue is solved.
yes, it is caused by the filter on “customer order nbr”. If  I have cleared the filter/sorting, the error msg would not pop up anymore.
    Good and quick response. Thank you, I wish Acumatica becomes better and better.


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