1099-MISC and 1099-NEC updates for Tax Year 2022

  • 21 November 2022
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2022 Tax Year 1099-NEC


Form 1099-NEC and filing instructions have been converted from an annual revision to continuous use. Therefore, there are no changes in 1099-NEC form layout or in E-File format that require changes in the Acumatica ERP. 

For the list of Acumatica ERP builds with up-to-date 1099-NEC forms, refer to the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC updates for Tax Year 2021 post.

To resolve possible issue with the printing alingment, we encourage you to update to the following Acumatica ERP builds where the paper size of the 1099-NEC (AP653100) report have been changed to Letter:

  • 2022 R2 Update 3 (22.203.0043) or later
  • 2022 R1 Update 14 (22.114.0029) or later
  • 2021 R2 Update 19 (21.219.0019) or later 
  • 2021 R1 Update 28 (21.128.0009) or later

For more info, workaround for earlier builds and additional steps to fix possible alignment issues, refer to the Known issue: The report printed on the 1099-NEC (AP653100) form did not fit the Letter paper size knowledge base article.


2022 Tax Year 1099-MISC


For tax year 2022, the IRS made minor changes to the 1099-MISC form. Details of the changes can be found on the IRS website.

In all currently supported Acumatica ERP versions (Acumatica ERP 2021 R1, 2021 R2, 2022 R1, and 2022 R2), the changes made on 12/12/2022 in instructions for Electronic Filing according to Publication 1220 to the 2022 tax year were not implemented. That is, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania US states have not been added to the list of states which are included in the CF/SF Program. For more information and solution, refer to the Known issue: In Acumatica ERP, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania US states are not added to the CF/SF Program for the 1099-MISC Electronic Filing knowledge base article. 

Changes to 1099-MISC are preliminary planned to be included in the following builds:

  • 2022 R2 Update 6 (22.206.0035) or later
  • 2022 R1 Update 17 (22.117.0016) or later
  • 2021 R2 Update 21 (21.221.0019) or later
  • 2021 R1 Update 28 (21.128.0009) or later

12 replies

Looking above Update 28 will be released on both the 9th for “2022 Tax Year 1099-NEC” then again on the 14th for “2022 Tax Year 1099-MISC”?

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Hello @mdick 

You are right, there is a typo. The correct expected date for 2021 R1 Update 28 is December 14, 2022.

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Hi @Irina We have some client still on 20R2 (20.221.0021). Please provide your advise for this case.

Thanks in Advance!!


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Hello @ChandrasekharM 

Acocrding ot the article, there are no changes in NEC forms (both e-file and print ones) between 2021 and 2022 year. The only thing that your customer may have problems adjusting the printed form since the following known issue was not fixed in 20R2

As for MISC report, there is nothing we can recommend but to update to 2021 R1 containing changes to MISC report.

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Hi @Irina,


We have a client needing to upgrade from 21.128.0009 to 22.207.0013 but we get this error: Upgrade process has been interrupted. The database cannot be upgraded because your current build (21.128.0009) is incompatible with the build (22.207.0013) you want to install. Wait for the next update package that will be compatible with your current build.

When will there be a release that supports this upgrade path?

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Hi @etrowbridge When we have this error, we used to upgrade to the next possible Acumatica version and then upgrade to the next version. For example - In your case, I would try to upgrade to 21R2 version(latest build) and try with 22R2 directly...If 22R2 fails, I would upgrade to 22R1.

Please try this workaround first in a Local instance or a dedicated Sandbox instance.

Hope this helps you..

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Hello @ChandrasekharM  @etrowbridge 

For each build, you can find a correct upgrade path in the Upgrade notes section. Sequential update through 22R1 will not help.

Let me illustrate. Upgrade notes for 22.107 says the followig:

You can upgrade your Acumatica ERP instance to 2022 R2 Update 7 if you have any of the following builds installed:

  • 2021 R1 Update 27 (21.127.0011) and earlier
  • 2021 R2 Update 20 (21.220.0010) and earlier
  • 2022 R1 Update 16 (22.116.0029) and earlier

And for the latest possible build 21.220, Upgrade notes says the following:

You can upgrade your Acumatica ERP instance to 2021 R2 Update 20 if you have any of the following builds installed:

  • 2020 R1 Update 22 (20.122.0011) and earlier
  • 2020 R2 Update 22 (20.222.0017) and earlier
  • 2021 R1 Update 27 (21.127.0011) and earlier

Therefore, upgrade from 21.128 to 21.220 is not possible. Therefore, sequential update will not resolve the issue - you will receive the same error.

In order to update from 21.128 to 22.2, you should wait for the 2022 R2 Update 12 release.

It there a date for the upgrade path from 21.218 to 22.2?

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Hello @mdick 

My bad, your upgrade path is from 21.218 is compatible with any 2022 R2 update starting from Update 4 (22.204.0019).


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Hello @etrowbridge 

My apologies for the incorrect information. I’ve checked the release schedule, the closest compatible 22 R2 Update will be Update 12 which is expected at the end of March.

Irina - Is 22 R2 Update 12 still on track for the end of March?

Will there be any updates for the 2023 tax year for versions and builds?  We are trying to get ahead of this before the mad rush in January.


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