Acumatica Error When Processing Requisition (inserting sales order line)

  • 10 February 2024
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I am getting the following error message.

Error: Inserting 'Sales Order Line' record raised at least one error. Please review the errors. 'Project Task' cannot be empty. Require Ship/Receipt is OFF in the Non-Stock settings.

This just started. We have been on the system for about 4 years without this issue. Nothing has changed that we are aware. Can anyone help? It seems to only happen with requisitions that are associated with a project and project task. We have always just entered this information into the PO once created. 

5 replies

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@dburns Have you checked the below settings in the Non-Stock Items screen?



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I did see this and noticed it was different than what I had seen before. Would those need to be unchecked to allow processing? Our support did say there was an Acumatica update but they're still trying to pin point an issue. Manually processing is taking forever so I needed a fix asap! Thank you!! 

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@dburns  I just reviewed the code, and as per the logic, either of the checkboxes should be unchecked.

Please check after this activity.

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On our “REPAIRS” nonstock inventory code it was checked. I removed the check, but they still do not process. What is strange is it works for some of our warehouse locations but not for others. I am so stumped with this one. Do you know of anything else that would trigger this error in this situation? 

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Hi @dburns were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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