What does the Weight Item checkbox do in Stock Items (IN202500)?

  • 10 December 2021
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There is a “Weight Item” checkbox in the Stock Items screen in Acumatica 2021R2. What does this checkbox do?




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Hi @rosenjon 

Here is the documentation which explains the use of this column.


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Is the purpose of this to tell the warehouse worked to WEIGH the item, as in put it on a scale?

The help text you pasted doesn’t make a lot of sense to me…. “the system requires the user to enter the item quantity before the user can confirm the line”. If the user is going to pick 3 and they have to enter that they picked 3, what does that have to do with the Weight of the item? This would make more sense if they have to pick 3, and based on a specific weight unit of measure it would verify that the weight of the 3 items as entered by the picker equaled the theoretical weight based on a specific UOM….


Sorry...maybe I’m just thick, but I still don’t get what this is doing...



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We don’t use the pick pack and ship so I could be wrong on this but I believe if it is not a weighted item to pick 3 items you would scan 3 items. If it is a weighted item it would ask you for the quantity(weight) of the scanned item. 

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If markusray17 is right, then I think this should say “Weigh Item on Pick”, or something like that. I think this checkbox is lacking context for where it is and what it does.


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