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  • 1 June 2022
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I am to new to Acumatica. We have an A/P approval workflow configured based on project accountants and project managers assigned to a project. However, A/P invoices are showing up to be approved for users that are not one of the approvers under Data views in Vendor Documents to Approve. How can I configure this so the invoices not are not assigned to the approver show up on the list.


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5 replies

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Hi, You’ll want to add a filter to your custom generic inquiry using the @me parameter. This filter and parameter will allow each user to see her own approvals.

By the way, the Approval screen under Time & Expenses is already filtering approvals for each user so that they only see what they are meant to approve. This feature on Approvals screen comes with the system and is applied automatically.  I wonder why the custom generic inquiry is needed.


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Hi Laura,


Thanks for your response. This is not for the Time and Expense Entry. This relates to the Payables under Data Views-->Vendor Documents to Approve. I don’t see the same screen as I do with the Time & expense entry. Will this need to be customized for A/P Approvals? It does not have the same options? What am I doing wrong? Here is the conditions screen for AP.00.06. What is the correct condition to input so I only view my invoices to approve and not others? 


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Hello, By default we use one Approvals screen in Acumatica, Time & Expense → Approvals, pictured below in my demo, to approve all documents that are routed with approval maps. Perhaps your system has been customized??  If so please contact the person who did the customization, likely your partner, or the people in your firm who assisted with the implementation and would therefore have the documentation for a different way of handling approvals, possibly.

Back to your original question, something is wrong with your custom Generic Inquiry in that it includes the wrong people, or is shown to the wrong people. Possibly could be related to roles or access rights.. but I think check the GI first.

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Okay great. So if I want to include AP Bills in this what would the conditon be to setup?

Note: I already have this setup in Time and Expenses I just need to add the condition for bills andI think this could work.



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HI Laura,


This did the trick. I did not know you can manage all your workflow approvals in this screen. I tested an A/P item and it worked. Thanks for your help. 


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