Shipment Confirmation form vs Delivery Note&Shipment Note

  • 28 September 2021
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I was wondering does anybody use Shipment Confirmation form as Delivery Note and Cargo Shipping Order? If so, how is it set up? (Just for reference we are not using any Integrated Carries options).

Normally those 2 documents are generated separately but in Acumatica I cannot see any other documents related to Shipment as Shipment Confirmation.

Thank you in advance for any tips.


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6 replies


You can use shipment conformation (printed form) to achieve this objective. The shipment confirmation form could be accessed by following,


Sample Report format of Shipment Confirmation


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The Shipment Confirmation report can also be run from the “Shipments” Screen.

Hi @Malgorzata As your rightly pointed that you are NOT using the Acumatica Carrier plugins, the Cargo Form has to be customized similar to the Shipment Confirmation.



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@ChandrasekharM Just wanted to make it clearer - what I need are both Shipment confirmation doc. for Customer but also Cargo Note(Fowarding Order) with info for the Carrier. By saying that Cargo form has to be customized similar to the Shipment Confirmation do you mean to create new Report(Cargo form) and add it to the Report menu in Shipment Screen? This would doable only by customization right, as the automation steps are not working anymore for that screen?

Or maybe I am mixing something up and in case of not using Carrier integration the whole process should go through Purchase Order with non-stock freight item and additional form should be implemented there?

I am sorry for confusion and thank you for the support.

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Hi @Malgorzata Yes, you can have a new report “Cargo Note” or a Subreport in the existing Shipment Confirmation report to print both the reports on the same time, without a need for an additional new action. If  a new Action is required, this can also be achieved by a simple customization.


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@ChandrasekharM  @ajmalnasir55  Thank you so much for all tips!

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@Malgorzata We have an article which has a walkthrough for adding a report to a screen to use in the dropdown:

As @ChandrasekharM mentioned you can have both reports print at the same time by using one report as a subreport inside the other, which likely could be the quickest if the customization doesn’t seem to fit, but the table structure should be similar enough to be able to add one report to the other without too much difficulty.



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