Sales Order "Add items" defaults unit price to 0 when adding a new line. Warning message "Minimum gross profit is not satisfied"

  • 8 December 2023
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Hello Team, 

I have a question for Sales orders (SO301000) 
When adding the line items using the (+) add row function the price comes in naturally. 

But when using the “Add items” function on the details tab the item’s Unit price comes in at 0. with the warning message “Minimum gross profit is not satisfied”

Sales order preferences Price settings: Validate min. Markup = Warning 



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8 replies

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Is it possible the warehouse on the line gets set differently when you use the ‘Add Items’ function?  It’s possible that the warehouse price was not set appropriately. 

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@Robert Sternberg Thanks for the input Robert, I should have mentioned that I tested this with other items that are assigned to warehouses that have inventory assigned. Maybe I am not looking in the right place? 

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Would you try to add one line with the ‘+’ button and one line with the ‘add items’ button on the same sales order and share a screenshot so we can check for differences? 


Thank you

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I have added an item using the (+) add row function. This started to occur after we updating the tenant version to 23.112.0032 



As you can see the unit price is pulling in to correct Default price. 


Sales order preferences: Validate Min. Markup = Warning. When this value is set to minimum the price that comes in is 

Last cost plus min markup% 

This seems to be a setting issue, but I am not sure I am looking in the right places. 

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On the Sales Prices screen can you filter to the Inventory ID in question and the Price Type of ‘Base’.  I would like to check the Warehouse field. 



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One thing to note, I had to select the (+) sign for the item to populate on the list. But the price and effective date did not change. 

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Hi @rpearson69 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @rpearson69 , in the 23R2 Update 7, this issue has been addressed:

AC-295182: On the Sales Orders (SO301000) form, if a user added items by clicking the Add Item button and selecting the items in the Inventory Lookup dialog box, the system did not insert the unit price for the first item on the Details tab.




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