Preview InventoryItem Inquiry That has ALL Field Details including Attributes

  • 25 April 2023
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I had stumbled upon an Inquiry screen that allowed me to Preview and Export to Excel ALL InventoryItems and their respective field values including Attributes. I am struggling to find that Inquiry. The output Excel filename began with Preview - InventoryItem Inventory Item then the export date.

Looking for help finding such a standard Acumatica Inquiry screen.

Thank you,

-Don Green


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5 replies

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Don’t worry, we all lose things sometimes. 🙂

Attributes are unique to each site. Any inquiry that lists all attributes side by side, is likely custom.

Check More Items → Data Views. Data Views is the home for many generic inquiries.  If the inquiry wasn’t added to the menu, you can find it in Customization → Generic Inquiries. I filtered for IN module in this example:

Consider too, you might have seen it in your test tenant.

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Thank you Laura. We are brand new to Acumatica. Go Live was April 1, 2023. We do not have Custom Inquiries. I believe you have me going down the right path… I have looked as you have suggested. Is there any way I may be able to figure it out from the Export Filename ? I did not change that after I exported….. just looking for clues :-)

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I think an Acumatica export to Excel using the Excel button will take on the name of the screen that I exported. The word “Preview” makes me think it came from the “Preview List” screens that we see when selecting a screen name from the menu.  Have you tried Global Search for the some of the Words in the filename? Global search circled in yellow, in the below example of  Preview List for Stock Items.


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Found it !! I noodled through Generic Inquiry and got to the InventoryItem DAC → Selected Source Data then Cntl-A to Select All and Right Click Export.

Many thanks for your help Laura…. sent me down the right path 4 sure.

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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @DonGreen !


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