International Shipment Documents for Shipments with Multiple Packages

  • 8 December 2020
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Hi there - 


We have a customer who uses the ShipEngine plug-in to perform international shipments. In cases where there are multiple boxes being sent within a single shipment, this causes an issue.

A separate label for each package is created, which is proper - every box needs it's own identifier for tracking.  BUT, Acumatica treats each package as a separate order/shipment. The order can not be broken into multiple orders for customs purposes.  This could be construed as an attempt to skirt customs fees. 

Most packages with values under $2,500 don't need the extra paperwork as they fall below a threshold.  So, an order for $7,497 that gets put into three boxes would need the paperwork as it's above that threshold.  BUT, if the system treats each of those boxes as a separate shipment, and values them each at less than $2,500, it could be seen as a means of trying to hide value and avoid fees. 


How do other folks handle this in the system? Any thoughts?


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4 replies

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I don’t use Ship Engine, but it sounds like this may just be a reporting issue. What exactly is it creating multiples of? (Sales Orders, Shipments, SOPackageDetail records, etc.) Is there a particular report or screen generating this info for Customs?


Hi -

We’re experiencing the same issue as @dcote70 when using ShipEngine to ship multi-carton international shipments.

Typically, when you ship a multi-carton shipment, you will receive shipping labels that are linked to a master tracking number (typically box #1).  The label itself would also reference label #1 of X (number of total cartons in the shipment).  However, when you ship international with the ShipEngine integration, it sends data as if each package is its own independent shipment - not linked at all.

This means that not only does it look like you may be trying to skirt the customs rules, but it also means that the brokerage fees are likely to be higher as you will receive a charge for each ‘shipment/package’ that needs to be cleared, as opposed to a consolidated shipment that would only need to be cleared once for all packages.

I noticed that this happens when shipping internationally via either FedEx or UPS using the ShipEngine integration.  Same outcome with both.

However, both services seem to work correctly when shipping domestically using the SE integration.

Hopefully Acumatica can prioritize this fix to ensure the processing is correct using ShipEngine for international shipments going forward.

Side note for @dcote70 - it looks like the EasyPost integration does handle the processing of multi-carton international shipments correctly.  May want to look into that option while Acumatica is looking into this issue.

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@JoeYTG  to your point above, EasyPost was the solution that we switched our client to and that is working well. It is my understanding that EasyPost will be Acumatica’s preferred shipping partner going forward as well.

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Hello @dcote70 

We are aware of the issue and have it on our roadmap. 

Unfortunately, I cannot any ETA for the fix yet.


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