Import Scenario on attributes without overriding existing data. 

  • 12 March 2021
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I'm attempting to create a single import scenario on InventoryItem attributes to update any item attributes without overriding the existing data. 


When running an import scenario with item InventoryItem attributes, if a field is empty on the import source sheet, then on import, it will override the data in the destination in that field and make it blank. 


I tested in the mapping sections using ISNULL([WILDLIFE],[Answers.Value]) in the Source field/Value, and had success. The issue I face is attributes that are checkboxes. The date gets imported as "False". I tried various IIF statements, with and without converting the data to different data types, and still no success. 

8 replies

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Hello @schneur96, you can try to set Target Restrictions as a w/a.

Could you please share your scenario or provide a screenshot for mapping?

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I tried testing with source restrictions and target restrictions on the import scenario. To my understanding, this function will not work for this need. 

I left my last If statements in source felid.

ENDOFLIFE and ROSHCOMP are fields that are checkboxes. 


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For the last 2 attributes, try this:



Please note that FALSE is misspelled in your screenshot.  Also, I would use False and True vs 0 and 1 (not sure if it makes a lot of difference though).  Finally, if all lines in your data provider have either FALSE or TRUE in the ENDOFLIFE field, I would simplify the statement like this:


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Thank you @yurik05!

Exactly, boolean values in import scenarios should be spelled in this way: False or True.

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Thanks for all the help; I'm still following short. 

I tested using the suggestion made, and it turns the fields into FALSE, which I don't want. 

From what I have tested on boolean attributes, Acumatica always sets the data as 0 as default. I'm looking to preserve all boolean be either 0 or 1. 

When running an import scenario, if my data on the source sheet is blank for boolean, it turns the data in Acumatica to FLASE, and this is what I'm trying to avoid.

The goal is to have a single import scenario to import any attribute without affecting the existing data in Acumatica. We would fill out only the items and fields to the attributes we are uploading. The fields we leave blank on the import sheet should not override existing data. This has worked well with ISNULL and other data types.


Here's the last test I did.
The data switches back and forth. If the data in acumatica is 0 and my import sheet is blank, the data turns into FALSE. If we rerun the import on the same data, it goes from FALSE to 0. 




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@schneur96 were you able to figure this out?

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Hi @schneur96  were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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I will do my best to gather this information and follow up. I dont think I found a direct formula solution to the issues, but learned other important aspects about item attributes.  


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