Changing the lot class of preexisting item numbers

  • 22 October 2021
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We currently are assigning lot numbers at the kit creation level, but would like to switch to assigning lot numbers at invoicing instead. Can we simply change the lot class of each item in our system to have the lot be assigned when used instead of when received?


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6 replies

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Hi @eney 

I suggest you change this when the on hand quantity is zero. You may test on demo data and let us know the result. 


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Hi @eney , As indicated by @vkumar, to change the Lot class of a stock item, there should not be any “Qty. on hand” for the item. Hence, you have to follow the below steps to Configure the stock items to a new Lotserial class tracking.


  1. Extract the list of Kit items with Location, Cost and Unit Cost that has the old lot/serial class
  2. Issue out all the items using the Issues screen
  3. Create the new Lotserial Class
  4. In Stock Items Screen, update all the items (from step#1) with the new Lotserial class
  5. Using Receipts screen, receive the items with the same cost as in the issue.


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Hi @eney For the above steps, you can use the Upload button on the Issues and Receipts screens wherever applicable. Depending on the volume of the records, if it numerous, you can use an Import Scenario to bulk import the data.


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Hi Chandra:

I had assigned a serial class where I had to manually enter the serial number, The serial class as existing in the Sales Demo data set,  was:

When I had a PO and a purchase receipt of 40 units for the  stock item ABC with the above serial number class, the purchase receipt asked me to enter 40 serial numbers. 

I canceled the Purchase Receipt and the Purchase Order.

I checked the inventory for that ABC stock item, the inventory was zero. No serial numbers existed for that ABC stock item.

I taught that I could change the serial number class for that ABC stock item to the one with sequence auto numbering:


but I got the error:

      1. . IN Error: Lot/serial class cannot be changed when its tracking method is not compatible with the previous class and the item is in use.

What should I do? Luckily I created only two stock items with the old serial number class. (enter manually the serial #)

Thanks for your help

Toon SIx


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Hi @antoons60 The solution in this case will be to follow the below steps. Will keep you posted with the steps shortly.

  1. ChangeID for the  2 items for which you need the new Lotserial class
  2. Create the new Stock Item with the Same Inventory ID of the items.


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Hi @antoons60 Here are the steps for the Solution to have the new Lotserial class for the Stock Item:
Reproduced Error on my instance:

Steps to Change the Lotserial class:

  1. As shown below, use the ChangeID for the  2 items for which you need the new Lotserial class.


  1. Create the new Stock Item with the Same Inventory ID of the items. Change the Lotserial Class to the new one you wish.
    Tip: You could use the Copy paste option to create the new Item. Always use the Paste option only after entering the InventoryID.



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