'Backorder' tracking on Inventory Transfers

  • 11 October 2023
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Any ideas?  My customer would like to be able to track a type of 'backorder' on a transfer between warehouses.  If in one warehouse the goods are normally stored and a transfer to another warehouse is needed. When there is insuffiencent quantity in the standard warehouse to fullfill the transfer, a ‘backorder’ transfer is then created.


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Hi @carolinehern40 This is possible in Acumatica Sales Order Screen using the “TR” order type(TR for Transfer).

Here are the steps to create a backorder for insufficient quantities to fulfill the transfer.

  1. (Optional) Ensure the “TR” order type is set properly. This is part of best practice for not allowing negative qunatities.


  2. In the Sales Order Screen, ensure to set the Shipping Rules to allow backorder on both the Shipping Tab and the details tab .
    Please refer to the screenshot below.

Shipping Settings to “allow backorder”

Details Settings on the line item to “allow backorder”

  1. Create shipment for the Transfer order(Sales order screen) and Confirm the Shipment.
    Note that the qty 2 only was availble to transfer. Remaining 8 is shown as open qty.
    As this is partial shipment, the sales order will be Backordered.
  2. Backordered Transfer Order - The status of the Transfer Order will now be Backorder.
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Hi @carolinehern40 Just an additional information that may be helpful.
After the Transfer Order is backordered, the users(your clients) can track the backorders by applying the following filter on the “Sales Orders” Inquiry to see only the Transfer that are backordered.
Option1 : To filter the records..

In this approach, the user has to apply the filter every time. Using Option 2 , this everytime filtering can be eliminated.


Option 2: Create a new filtered tab on the “Sales orders” Inquiry to always show the backordered transfers in a separate tab:

A new tab “TR Backordered” can be added as shown below:

Steps to add the new tab:

Step 1: Click on the Funnel Button as shown below:

Step 2: Click on the “NEW” button:


Step 3: i. Add the conditions to show only the Backordered transfer orders as shown below.
ii. Click on “Save”

  1.  Provide name for the new filtered tab and Click OK.
  2. Click “Apply”
  3. Review the new tab


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Hi Chandra, thank you so much for your reply.  This certainly looks like it will work.  Let me test it.


Thank you again.


Thank you this filter will really assist them


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