Automated Recurring Sales Orders from Customer Attributes

  • 15 April 2022
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Good morning. I have a client who needs to generate recurring sales orders to fulfill a quarterly magazine subscription. In an attempt at creating the most streamlined account setup workflow, I have proposed this solution:

1) Create Customer Template for Magazine Style (4 to chose from)

2) Store Subscription details in the Customer Attributes with details


Then trigger automated Sales Order Generation based off of Customer Attributes. However, this last part in the process has proven to be above my head. 


My general concept was to create a GI that would pull customers that match this profile, then generate a sales order from 1 of 4 templates, using 1 variable from the Customer Attribute (qty of magazine line items per order).


Here is a screen shot of my attributes setup.

chrome ysh3ew72ef

Build 19.205.0023


Any ideas on how to make this happen or another better idea that is more simple? 



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I don’t have an answer to your question, since it seems Standard Orders and recurring orders are not a feature of Acumatica Sales Order Module at this time. I do want to call this Idea post to your attention so others can up-vote the addition of this feature to Acumatica:


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You could create an import scenario to generate the sales order based off the attribute data in the GI. You could then have that import scenario subscribe to a business event that is triggered by a schedule.


I don’t know if the ability to schedule business events is included in 2019 R2 though.  

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@markusray17 I want to thank you for your idea. Your idea has begun to payoff in my prototyping. I’m still having some issues with the Import Scenario though. I’m going to post some screen shots here of my setup and see if anyone knows what is going wrong. Most importantly, I keep getting this vague error “X items have not been processed successfully. View name: Document. 


I purposely have my values hard coded on this import scenario as I work out the bugs, but here are the values:


HEre is my prepared data:


But I keep getting that vague error above. 


Also, I realize as I setup this process I need to have a method for error handling and confirming which orders were processed vs skipped for whatever reason. 

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I actually found the answer to this odd problem on @Tim Rodman’s forum here:


The issue was that I need to generate a unique ID for a SO and this value of =Now() did the trick:

I was able to import 1036 orders in 12:44 with this test scenario. 


I’ll document the full solution when I have it implemented. 

@variuxdavid Were you able to implement this? Curious to see the solution as I too have a customer with similar needs! Thank you!

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@variuxdavid Were you able to implement this? Curious to see the solution as I too have a customer with similar needs! Thank you!


Thanks for asking. We have a solid solution prototyped and the client is planning to do it next year. However, we have not yet fully implemented. 


Our solution uses attributes as described earlier, and then it generates a Quote from the attributes that is subsequently used to generate orders for the subscription periods defined in the Quotes. Each subscription period is a line item with a Ship Date in the future. 

I realize all of this may not be needed now that we have Blanked SOs in the newest release. But, our solution works on all versions of Acumatica so far. 


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