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On Hand, Available, Available for Shipping, and Allocated quantities are visible at the bottom of an inventory transaction screen.  The Allocated quantities seem to always show 0.00, even if items are listed on the “Inventory Allocated Details” inquiry.  Does anyone know what field the Allocated quantities is pulling at the bottom of the screen? We need to add it to another screen and also understand why it is 0.00. 


Thanks so much! 



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There are several Inventory Transaction screens and I don’t think any of them have anything at the bottom of the screen similar to what you are describing. 

If you have a screenshot that may help locate the screen/area you are referring to.

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Hi @lbrown57 Please share a screenshot showing the details mentioned by you. This will help us to review and advise.


I’ve added the screenshot. Thank you! 

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Hi @lbrown57 I see only the footer. Is this Sales order Screen?

Yes, that is correct. Sales Order screen.

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Hi @lbrown57 What is the Acumatica Version? Have you customized the footer to get the Allocated Qty?


No customizations. 

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Hi @lbrown57  Here is the answer for your below question - As shown in the below screenshots, the Allocated Qty is populated when the Order Type has the Allocations enabled

 [Ibrown]Does anyone know what field the Allocated quantities is pulling at the bottom of the screen? 

Order Type set to Allocate:


Sales Order footer shows the Allocated values for the current Sales order, for the selected line item:

Thank you so much!! 

Hello all,
Can anyone let me know from where can we display this Allocated text in the footer of the screen?

The build version of the instance is 22.113.0040

Thanks in advance.


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