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  • 20 October 2023
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Just created a new cash account because we got a new bank account, when I go to cut a check (went to prepare payments) why are there no vendors showing up able to be paid? 


Best answer by Laura02 21 October 2023, 12:54

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5 replies

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Hello @katiedavison ,

First, try removing the “Due in 7 days” filter.

Next, look at the Financial tab of open  AP Bills that you are trying to pay.  Prepare Payments will only show you, by default, the open AP Bills that match the payment method and cash account that is selected at the top of Prepare Payments screen.

If the AP Bills have no cash account, or if they have a different cash account, we have two options:

  1. Update the bills, populating Payment Method Check and cash account NEWOPERATE, then return and try Prepare Payments or
  2. Use + button above the grid in Prepare Payments to manually add the bills with differen payment method or different cash accountinto Prepare Payments screen.


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Hi @katiedavison Here are possible reasons.

  1. The AP Bill(s) are already added to another unreleased payment (in Checks and Payments screen). So those Bills will not be shown until you remove. You can review this open the specific bill and verifying if a payment record is shown in the Applications tab, shown below:
    Screenshot showing the Open(unpaid) APBill but there exists a Payment that is on hold and not released.

    2. Please find the below screen shot showing the parameters in the AP Bill in order to show the Bill in the “Prepare Payments” screen.
    Note: The Bills are loaded in the “Prepare Payments” screen based on the below shown parameters in the AP Bill. Ensure to Select the correct Payment Method and Cash Account in the Prepare Payments screen.
    1. Ensure the Due dates on the Bills matches the filters selected on the Prepare Payments screen, For example: Acumatica by default selects the “Due in 7 Days”. This will prevent any AP bills that falls out of the specified filter.


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@ChandraM  you were correct but it’s problematic because we have thousands of bills and in the application of EVERY bill it has our old bank account on it.  Is there a way to change this on all open bills? Otherwise, this will be a nightmare. 


Let me know.

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Yes, A change to all open bills can be imported with an Import Scenario. It’s also possible to expose the Bill’s Cash Account to the AP Bill Preview List, activate the Mass Update features of the Bill Preview List generic Inquiry.

Add Cash Account to AP Bills Inquiry
Enable Mass Record Update
Identify fields that may be updated
Select records to update. Select Action

Filter for Open Status, Document Type to update, and Old Bank Account. Enter new account where prompted.

I hope this helps you.


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Hi @katiedavison I would suggest the solution proposed by @Laura02 .

To have the future Bills populated with right payment method and Cash Account, update the Vendors with the proper data as shown below.



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