Is it possible to automate the "lock budget" function?

  • 3 April 2024
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We are needing a way to automatically lock the project revenue budget at the end of the month. Since these entries are not considered “transactions” they can still be modified after the financial period is closed. We found under Budget Operations, in the Project, there is the ability to lock and unlock the budget.

Is there a way that we can set a business event to automatically lock the budget on any jobs with a start date of the previous month on the first day of the new month? Or create a GI allowing a mass record update we could use to manually lock the budget?


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This is a good Product Idea. I would suggest entering this on the Product Ideas page so other members can vote on getting this into the product in a future release.

I am unsure on the business event or GI creation to solve for this, but it sounds like it might work. I’m sure some of the more technical/product folks will weigh in on it here.


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We’ve done some automation around this with a business event and also a bit of customization to remove the ability for most users to unlock their own budgets.  Then, we use Change Orders on the projects to change the budgets going forward with a date sensitive changes.

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@mnecaise The Lock Budgets action on the project set the following field to True on the project 

I dont believe you can add this field to a Mass Update on a GI. We were using it when the Project went to a Status we locked the budgets automatically. 

You could use an import scenario to run this action on a projects or do it as part of a Business Event on a schedule.

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I can see where automating budget locking could be useful.  But, I use the month-end budget locking as an opportunity to review each budget and make sure the budgets are in line with our company guidelines for margin, Project Task naming conventions, etc.  Clicking the Lock Budget button is my last check that everything is good.


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