How to reverse Time and Material invoice.

  • 25 November 2022
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I need help reversing a time and material invoice which has an incorrect date.   When I go to the ProForma invoice to do a correction, it is telling me “You cannot make corrections to the pro forma invoice because it has at least one time and material line”.  All lines are time and material.  How do I reverse this invoice, is there another way?  I have looked everywhere for an answer, please help. 


Best answer by Heidi Dempsey 28 November 2022, 23:09

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11 replies

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HI @Deanne 

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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Hi Kandy,

Thank you for reaching out. Not sure which screenshot you would like to see.  I have attached the error but I can send more information, just let me know what you need. :)


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@Deanne  I am assuming since this is a T&M, you are not using the AIA correct?  As long as you are not, you can do a credit memo in AR to get new PM Transactions to re-bill. 

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Hi Heidi, 

Sadly, we are using the AIA report.  We tried using the AR credit memo but our costs are now not available to rebill.  Any other ideas?  I will try anything.

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@DeanneI think we need a case so we can look at the data.  Credit memo for T&M billing does create new transactions for billing.  I will contact you to discuss

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Hi @Deanne  were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi Chris, yes, Heidi was most helpful.  I really appreciate you following up!

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Hi, I get the same issue, can someone help me with it ?

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@trungrigshop What is the issue you are having?  Correct Pro Forma is only for Progress Billing invoices.  T&M invoices need to be reversed in AR.  Hope this helps

We successfully reverse AR T&M invoices that were created with a proforma. The transactions then appear back on the project for new billing.

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Because this AR invoice was created in the process of billing time & materials (upon release of the pro forma invoice), you should Reverse the AR Invoice, rather than Reverse and Apply Credit Memo.  The time billed on the AR Invoice comes from project transactions generated when the time activities were released.  These project transactions were picked up by the Billing Rule and the pro forma was created, then the AR Invoice. 
To make your corrections, on the AR invoice, use Reverse and the system will create the related credit memo, and set the PM transactions back to billable in case you need to create a new invoice.




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