User's Home Page ( a specific dashboard) not being used.

  • 23 February 2021
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A specific user has full rights to go to a specific dashboard without issue, but when setting the dashboard (or a different dashboard) as user Home Page, upon login it just goes to generic Welcome to Acumatica page. The user has full Granted rights to these dashboards and can see the dashboards just fine when choosing them from the menus.


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When a user saves Acumatica as a desktop shortcut it saves it with the URL for the specific Dashboard that is set as the Home Page.


The way to test what the real Homepage for the User is through clicking on the logo on the top left of the screen and seeing what comes up.


Suggestion: Let that user try to log in to Acumatica through manually typing in your companies Acumatica URL and see what page comes up.

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Thank you Ezra9!

I did your suggestion and notice that user has the left menu collapsed, so it appears that the login takes her to the correct dashboard screen, but just has the menu selected in the foreground. If I hit escape to close the menu or if I click the company Logo - it is on the correct dashboard screen.

Thank you for pointing me in this direction. I see what is going on now!


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Thank you again Ezra9 - user must have had some extended info in the Acumatica shortcut, changing to just the minimal URL seemed to resolve the issue of seeing the Welcome to Acumatica screen at login and instead the user now is seeing the correct dashboard at login.


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Hi @gbrazelton14 

Clicking on the logo on home page always brings default dashboard assigned on user profile as mentioned above. Since its not loading by default when user logs on, try the following :

  • Remove the dashboard from user profile > Home page column
  • Save the profile
  • Reselect the dashboard as home page, save the profile ( this is just to refresh the value)
  • Ask user to clear browser cache
  • Try logon to Acumatica again. 

Let me know if this starts loading the dashboard on logging on to Acumatica.


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Thank you Vijay - this was already solved by Ezra9 - I had previously done all of your steps, but it seemed to be the browser bookmark the user was using must have had the screen 00000000 saved in it. By using @ezra9 idea of manually typing in the company URL only, this resolved the home page dashboard issue.



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