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  • 18 April 2024
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What is the process on keeping customer current on the latest release we have 3 customers on 2023 R2 when will the update happen to move to 2024 R1?


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In my experience, upgrade procedures depend on the customer, and how much their site customized.

For our simplest sites (few or no customizations) we request an upgrade from Acumatica via an Upgrade case, then see a new version when we sign on the next morning.

Sites with heavy customizations are more complicated. The following 2-year-old post contains a description posted by Brian Stevens, about the steps he follows to upgrade his customized site.

Acumatica has a “Stay Current” program - whether your clients are on the Stay Current program may impact the upgrade procedures too. Perhaps you can discuss your questions with your Acumatica representative.


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Hi @jpaquette General Process followed by Implementation Vendors during Acumatica Upgrade Process of Upgrade step by step

  1. Check the availability of the packages from the vendors (Third Party or ISV) which are compactable to the upgrade version and build. – (Email to be sent After Confirmation from vendors with the package).
  2.  Decide and confirm the Acumatica build and version.
  1. The development lead will initiate the work and Release for QA.
  2. VAR Will raise a provisional sandbox request.
  3. ACM will inform us once the Provisional sandbox is ready.
  4. Login into the provisional sandbox and disable processing centres, Tax Providers, Email accounts, Business Events, etc.
  5. Remove old customization packages and Publish New Customization packages which given by the development.
  6. Verify the essential screens and GI reports on a high level to ensure no breaks on GI reports and dashboards. Inform QA to initiate upgrade testing and assist the QA team as needed. QA sign-off from all the platforms( Connector, Big Commerce, Shopify,).
  7. Release UAT for the customer. Support and Close UAT tickets.
  8. Customer UAT Sign Off.
  9. Discuss with the Client, plan for go-live dates, and Prepare the GO-Live Checklist accordingly.
  10. Raise an Acumatica ticket for Acumatica Upgrade.
  11. Complete the upgrade.
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Thank you both for your QUICK Replies


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