Recommendations for Document scanners that play nice with Device Hub

  • 16 August 2021
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I’m looking for a stand alone document scanner for use in shipping to scan all documents that go into the box and then attach it to the shipment as a PDF file.

I’ve tried a couple of different scanners (Lexmark and Kyocera) but they are not standalone and the TWAIN software does not play well with device hub as both require user input on the scanner and never sends the scanned document back to device hub.


Any recommendations of scanners that have worked for you?  I’m current running 2020 R2, planning to upgrade to 2021 R1


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3 replies

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@claytonsummers did you ever figure out a good option that plays nicely? We are looking as well. 

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We are using a Xerox D35-

Although we have configured it successfully via device hub, we did not actually use that approach in the end.

Using device hub with the scanner, it does require user input in the sense that you have to open up the file browser on the correct record in Acumatica and click ‘scan’.. Otherwise it would have no way of knowing where to put your files. 


I am not a fan of networking devices unnecessarily, however, so we just have it plugged into the computer directly. With a single button push on the scanner it will feed documents through and put them in a specified local folder on the connected computer. The user then drags the scans from this folder directly onto the file browser inside Acumatica -- super easy and you do not have to maintain the (pretty buggy) device hub server

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@xkylewrightx thank you for the reply. I had similar feedback from a few of our users. so your reply solidified that we won’t be using devicehub for this use case. thank you. 


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