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  • 25 January 2022
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Good day,

One user has contact me that he can log on to the website but not on the mobile app.  I changed the password but he still getting the “server unavailable”  Is this a security issue?  He has been able to login the past.  I am able to login to the APP. Any ideas on how to fix the issue.

Thank you.



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5 replies

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Hi Evan, If he changed phones since the last time he logged in, you may want to update that in his user security. It is under Devices. Delete any that are obsolete and have him try to re-login.

Also, make sure he has the correct URL for the Acumatica site on his phone app. 

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hI @kbeatty21 Thank you for the tips.  The user didn’t pick the correct tenant.  I should have thought of that first.  I appreciate you sending such a comprehensive response


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Just a note on this one. You might want to make the login error message for the mobile app more helpful. I have run into issues with firewall rules before where I also get “server unavailable”. You could probably make the error message more useful by telling the user more specifically what the problem was… “the server is not reachable on port 80. “Server unavailable” is pretty generic. should consider a system that emails the server details to the user via QR code, so they can just scan it in the app to setup their account. There are lots of tiny gotchas for the mobile app setup that would be solved by this (i.e. no trailing slash for website path…. (works) vs. (doesn’t work).

Hi everyone, I understand this is an old thread.  I have an user who is unable to login to the app and does not have a previous mobile device registered.  It’s also not a tenant issue, as we can’t get that far.  We have changed his password online and is able to login to the browser version fine.  If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

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We have had issues with users logging in to Acumatica from App. In our case, the user device had an incorrect date and time. This is something to look out for as well. 


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