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  • 17 February 2022
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Is there anywhere in the Help file or otherwise that provides a list of all the special roles in Acumatica? We’ve run across this issue when we create a new role for a specific job. We assign the user the correct access rights for the screen but some UI elements are tied to a special role so they still don’t show.

In our case it was being able to open / close Financial Periods-that function is tied to the Financial Supervisor role

Here is a list of special roles that I’ve come up with so far. I would love to have a complete list with explanations. I’m not sure on the ones with a question mark.


  • The following roles in Acumatica are special roles that are tied to specific functionality
    • AcumaticaSupport:
      • Role for Acumatica Support. Access similar to Administrator except for User Management, Security Settings and Access Management.
    • Administrator:
      • System Administrator. Gives access to every area of Acumatica
    • Anonymous:
      • No access- think this may be used in API calls for the initial connection?
    • BusinessDateOverride:
      • This enables the user the change the business date when entering a new transaction using the date selector on the header
    • Customizer:
      • Allows a user to publish a customization
    • DashboardDesigner
      • Enables the Design button on a dashboard
    • Data Privacy Controller
      • Access to GDPR Compliance Tools
    • Field-Level Audit
      • Access to the Audit feature under Tools on a transaction screen
    • Financial Supervisor
      • Access to open and close periods
    • Guest?
      • External Guest Role
    • Internal Employee
      • Personal settings, and Help
    • ODatav4 User
      • Access to data exposed via OData v4
    • Portal Admin?
      • Access to portal configuration
    • Portal User?
      • Portal user
    • ReportDesigner
      • Allows the user to edit reports
    • Wiki Admin?
    • Wiki Author?

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5 replies

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Hi @Freeman Helmuth  

I got this from the Help Portal and I believe it is more along what you are looking for :

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Thanks! I was in that area of the help file and never saw that.

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Accidentally marked my reply as the answer-don’t know how to undo that.

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Hi @Freeman Helmuth fixed the marked answer :grinning:

Have you or anyone you know of created a “custom” financial role where it gives everything the Financial Supervisor role offers without the Locking/Unlocking of a Period?

I have checked with ACU directly and my internal team and so far I am not successful with a solution.


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