How does Acumatica system send auto-reply email messages?

  • 16 April 2021
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I saw from another community topic that Acumatica can automate sending a reply message to incoming is this done? Is it through Business Events or some other means? 

Here’s our scenario:

We are using Cases to bring in all the service requests that we receive from a shared mailbox. These service request email notifications require that we “accept” the service call within x minutes. They also require that the “accept” be appended to the end of the existing subject line.

Example of the original email subject: DISPATCHED: Work Task 22350022 Store 26094 Priority 2 - Medium

Example of our accepted reply: RE: DISPATCHED: Work Task 22350022 Store 26094 Priority 2 - Medium accept


Back to the original question… can this be done through Business Events or another means of automation that does not involve customize development?


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Hi Sean,

You can try using the Automation Notifications on the Cases screen. Please find the screenshot here for your reference with the steps. This will get you an email when a case is assigned.Alternatively, the business events can also be used to trigger an email based on generic inquiry, and the changes to its records. Hope this helps you to avoid customizations.

Screenshot for reference:


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Thanks, @ChandrasekharM

Looks like our version has the notifications embedded within business events. I only want the auto-reply to be sent to a specific sender, but I can’t figure out how to see the sender’s email address for an incoming case. Not sure which fields/tables to use…. Hopefully, someone on the community knows!

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For reference, here’s how we solved this in our case. 

  1. Create a system email account for the auto-reply with Incoming Mail Processing turned off (false).
    1. This is because the word “accept” needed to be appended the last word in the subject line… (with Incoming Mail Processing on, the system generates an email tag at the end of the subject)
  2. Create a custom GI with the CRSMEmail table joined with CRCase.
  3. Created business event and notification template to trigger when new emails arrived from the specific sender.

The key to this was the system email account without Incoming Mail Processing so the email tag is not appended to the end of the subject line.

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Hi @sean21 Thanks for the details.


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