Disable Button Release on Landed Costs with conditions

Hi All,

I got a case when the user always forgot to change the currency when typing in Landed Cost.

Ex: Instead of 100,000 VND, they forgot to change the currency from USD to VND (the default currency from the vendor is USD).

So, it causes a big problem for our business, to prevent this issue I create a condition as image

and apply to the field

but it does seem not the right way so the system doesn't work.

Could you please advise how we can prevent the above issue?

Thanks all,

Yên Chi


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There may be multiple ways this could be handled, but it would be fairly simple for a developer to perform a check upon save or possibly release that would make sure the correct currency is chosen and provide visual feedback if it wasn’t. This could look like a warning, an error, or a dialog box.

If you indeed wish to disable the button entirely, you should be able to do this with workflow, but it’s hard to tell from you screenshots what exactly is happening. Maybe provide a few more?

Hi @darylbowman , on screen Landed Costs PO303000, I create a condition as the attached image below


And then Add the field Released and this condition to the Disabled Column


That’s all the setup and it fails.

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In this case, the 'Released' field does not represent  the action. It's a true/false field indicating whether the document has been released. Disabling it will have no effect on the action's availability. I believe if you visit the 'Actions' section of the workflow, you can add an Enabled condition, in which case, you'll want the inverse of your current condition.


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