How To - Update/Assign Date & Time split field value while importing Sales Order from Shopify to Acumatica using Shopify Connector

  • 13 September 2023
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Hi Team,

We are working with Shopify connector (build: 21.224) to import Shopify Orders into Acumatica. We have a date field that we want to update with Shopify order created date time. This field is split on the UI as Date and Time part but is a single field only. We tried like below but the field value is not updating. Can you please review below details and suggest the best possible way to do that.



 #region UsrKNSPSBOrderPlacedTimeStamp
        [PXDBDateAndTime(PreserveTime = true)]
        [PXUIField(DisplayName = "Placed Datetime")]
        public DateTime? UsrKNSPSBOrderPlacedTimeStamp { get; set; }
        public abstract class usrKNSPSBOrderPlacedTimeStamp : PX.Data.BQL.BqlDateTime.Field<usrKNSPSBOrderPlacedTimeStamp> { }


public class KNSPSBSalesOrderProcessorExt : PXGraphExtension<SPSalesOrderProcessor>
        public static bool IsActive() { return true; }        

        public delegate void MapBucketImportDelegate(SPSalesOrderBucket bucket, IMappedEntity existing);
        public void MapBucketImport(SPSalesOrderBucket bucket, IMappedEntity existing, MapBucketImportDelegate baseMethod)
            baseMethod(bucket, existing);
            MappedOrder obj = bucket.Order;            
            OrderData data = obj.Extern;
            SalesOrder impl = obj.Local;
            DateTime? orderCreatedAt = data.DateCreatedAt;            
            impl.Custom = new PX.Api.ContractBased.Models.CustomField[]
                            new CustomDateTimeField()
                                 ViewName = "CurrentDocument",
                                 FieldName = "UsrKNSPSBOrderPlacedTimeStamp",
                                 Value = orderCreatedAt.ValueField()


<px:PXDateTimeEdit runat="server" ID="CstPXDateTimeEdit1" CommitChanges="True" DataField="UsrKNSPSBOrderPlacedTimeStamp_Date" />
                            <px:PXDateTimeEdit runat="server" ID="PXDateTimeEdit1" EditFormat="g" DisplayFormat="g" TimeMode="True" SuppressLabel="True" CommitChanges="True" DataField="UsrKNSPSBOrderPlacedTimeStamp_Time" />


Thank you in Advance!

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Hi, I think this would be helpful. Use your DAC something like this. 

#region StartTime
[PXDBDateAndTime(UseTimeZone = true, DisplayNameDate = "Date", DisplayNameTime = "Time")]
[PXUIField(DisplayName = "Time", Enabled = false)]

public virtual DateTime? Time { get; set; }
public abstract class time : PX.Data.BQL.BqlDateTime.Field<time> { }

You can set both date and time at once. 

And then you can show it in two separate fields in the UI.


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