Can you map Acumatica Customer ID to BC Customer user field

  • 22 June 2021
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Our implementation is such that all customers will be generated in Acumatica and pushed to BC prior to the customer logging into the BC storefront. Is it possible to push the CustomerID to BC into a customer user field? I looked into the article

However, it doesnt seem to allow CustomerID to be a source - nor does it seem to allow custom fields on the BC Customer object.

We have some supplemental API inquiries that BC is going to do which require the CustomerID and it would be best if it were already there. Relying on the email address as a unique key when it isnt required to be unique in Acumatica doesnt seem like the right way to go.

Any thoughts?


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7 replies

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@mgifford5 Thanks for your question. Please follow below screenshots for exporting Customer ID from Acumatica to BigCommerce(BC).  Let us know if it helped. 

Step 1: Create a form field in Account Signup Form as shown below.  


Step 2: In the Entities(BC202000), create a export mapping for Customer ID field in Acumatica with the form field in BC. Sometimes the user has to manually type in the form field in the Target field it might not be shown in the dropdown. User could clear the cache and then reload the page then it would show in the dropdown. 


Step3: Edit the customer in Acumatica so that the last modified date is updated and then Prepare and Process the Customer Entity or if the customer record is already synced then go to Sync History(BC301000), find the customer record, select the record and click SYNC button. Notice the Customer ID is synced to the BC form field. 



Thanks, that looks like what i need!

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@KarthikGajendran, is it possible to have multiple users in BigCommerce using the same Acumatica Customer ID? For example, BC User 1 & BC User 2 are linked to the same customer ID in Acumatica. When they place orders through BC, under what customer ID will those individual orders flow through to Acumatica?

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@MichaelTobi  Please do not mix Users with Customers. Those two are different entities.

Users are linked to the admin panel or back end operations of the BigCommerce site.

Customers records in BC resembles end customers/consumers. Any User could access any Customer record from BC admin panel. When a User creates an order for a Customer then the Customer record in Acumatica will be created with the customer details such as Email, Phone number, Company Name, Address etc., There is no link between User and Customer either in BigCommerce or Acumatica. 

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@KarthikGajendran ,in our case, we are strictly doing B2B sales. Customers can only purchase on our BC store if they’re logged in. How would it be managed under this scenario?

A customer that already exists in our Acumatica environment can have multiple users purchasing on their behalf. We would set up these user accounts upon request. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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@MichaelTobi BigCommerce does not support this feature. This is one of their limitations.

If there many users from a same Company then everybody has to share the credentials or different users has to be create different customer records in BC. May be they can use the same company name for you to group for analysis purpose. 

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@KarthikGajendran We were able to solve the business requirement through a BC plugin called Bundle B2B which has an integration with Acumatica.

We’re now able to have multiple users in BC that are tied to the same Acumatica customer account.

Hope this will be helpful to others that have the same business requirement. 


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