Sync Acumatica Item Sales Categories to Shopify Collections

  • 27 March 2024
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Does anyone able to manage sales categories in Acumatica and sync it to Shopify as product Collection?

Thank you


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4 replies

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Hi! We do this all on Shopify.

If you use a collection that is not selecting products manually (one by one), you get the option to sort with the “Products must match” filter in shopify. You can simply make it whatever the exported product category from acumatica is! We didn’t do a customization so it should be pretty straightforward. 

example collection sorting by product category from acumatica.

If its not working or you get stuck, send in a screenshot and I’ll see if I can help further!

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For us, Sales Categories syncs as a tag. Then, we just create a collection from the tag. However, we don’t use that as much as we use attributes which we sync to Shopify metafields. 

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Thank you for your answers @lawsont @jfarrell . Both make sense. I’ll try your recommendations.

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Hi everyone,

Just to provide update. We’ve been blocked by nested hierarchy of Sales Categories as it syncs only the immediate category of the item, and we are missing the Parent category. Also, child category name may exists also to other parent category. Example, a child category of Formal Attire that is under both Men and Women category.

We end up combining the parent and child category name within the data, then synced it as tag. Then in Shopify, we create an automated collection to set rules for that.

This is our solution for now for nested item sales categories. If there is better solution, please let me know. Thank you :)


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