Status of Open but not approved in Acumatica mapping in BigCommerce to Manual Verification Required

  • 22 December 2022
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When sales orders are pushed into Acumatica and are in a status of Open but the Sales Order has not been approved in Acumatica, the BigCommerce Connector pushes back a status update to the order in BigCommerce and changes the order status to “Manual Verification Required”.  Is there a way we can change that mapping and/or ignore that in the connector?


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7 replies

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@patrickACA  would you like to not sync such orders (Pending Approval) at all?

I think you can try export filtering by the order status.

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@smarenich We want the order to sync, but the status in Acumatica hasn’t changed.  It is the fact that it is waiting for approval that is triggering a status change in BC.  We want that to not trigger a status change and ignore approval status entirely.


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@patrickACA what status do you expect to have in BC when order is Pending Approval in Acumatica?

By the way, another way to block this is to set Order Sync Direction to Import Only. In this case change of order status Acumatica won’t cause anything in BigCommerce

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@smarenich If an order status is changed to ‘Pending Approval” we want to ignore the update to BigCommerce, or if we can’t do that, set it to Awaiting Fulfillment.

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@patrickACA add this mapping:

Please note that you have to type StatusId in the field, it wont give you selection. Field is case sensetive.



[SalesOrder.Status]='Back Order', 3,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Cancelled', 5,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Completed', 2,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Credit Hold', 12,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Hold', 1,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Open', 11,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Pending Approval', 11,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Shipping', 9,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Rejected', 6,
[SalesOrder.Status]='Invoiced', 11,

11 here means Awaiting Fulfilment Status

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Thank you @smarenich

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There is an extra “,11” at the end of the string before the closed parenthesis.  Is that necessary? 

=Switch([SalesOrder.Status]='Back Order', 3,[SalesOrder.Status]='Cancelled', 5,[SalesOrder.Status]='Completed', 2,[SalesOrder.Status]='Credit Hold', 12,[SalesOrder.Status]='Hold', 1,[SalesOrder.Status]='Open', 11,[SalesOrder.Status]='Pending Approval', 11,[SalesOrder.Status]='Shipping', 9,[SalesOrder.Status]='Rejected', 6,[SalesOrder.Status]='Invoiced', 11,11)


I am getting occasional errors in the commerce sync of

“The system failed to convert value to type Int32 during the mapping processing. Please make sure that custom field mappings are correct.”



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