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I believe I heard at the last Summit that Shopify is now able to offer multiple units of measure as an option.  If so, other than adding the unit of measure conversion on the Stock Items screen is there any other setup that would need to be done in Acumatica?



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I am also interested in this! We currently use an attribute to designate different UOMs but they have to be separate stock items in acumatica so it’s not exactly the best

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@MSwanson86 Could you please let us know from where you have heard this? As far as we know, Shopify doesn't support multiple UOMs for the same product unless you create multiple variants. 

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I attended the session:  DTC for Manufacturers:  Success Stories for Selling Direct-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business.   The representative from Shopify was Sara N-Marandi who spoke about the new features they are rolling out.   Josh Fischer was also a presenter in that session.  I hope I didn’t hear incorrectly.  Please correct me if I’m wrong about this info.  

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@KarthikGajendran  Were you able to confirm with Shopify that multiple units of measure is a new feature?

@MSwanson86 Could you please let us know from where you have heard this? As far as we know, Shopify doesn't support multiple UOMs for the same product unless you create multiple variants. 

Do you know if there is a similar limitation with Big Commerce?

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Hi folks

@MSwanson86 - thanks for reaching out about this. I contacted Sara at Shopify. Neither she or I remember this particular comment/topic from our session. I also asked her if there is a new UOM Conversion feature in Shopify and it sounds like there is not. I will update this thread if I hear otherwise.

That said - Does the following match the challenge you’re asking about:

Do you have 1 Stock Item which you want to maintain as 1 SKU in inventory, but you need to sell in various UOMs? For instance, imagine the following:

  • you have SKU-COKE which represents one can of soda.
  • You sell the soda as an individual can
  • you also want to sell the soda in a box of 12
  • However, you don’t want to split up your inventory into 2 different SKUs.
    • If you did this, you’d be constantly managing transfers.
    • “We are out of single cokes again, need to transfer a 12 pack to individuals” = pain
  • Instead, you want the customer experience to be easy - “Choose individual cans, or a box of twelve. Then enter your qty”
  • And you want the WH to get a pick list that ensures they pack the right amount of sodas in the shipment 
  • Is this what your referencing?

If so, one of our team members created a 4 min video about this and how it’s handled with Acumatica and Shopify as well as BigCommerce. Link below.

Let us know if this is helpful, or if you have a use case which is different than this.




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@josh.fischer  Thank you so much for letting me know.  I apologize for my original misunderstanding.  The scenario you outlined above is exactly what we deal with: 1 SKU with multiple UOM.  

The video will be very helpful.

Thanks again.

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@MSwanson86 - great! No need to apologize, I’m glad we were on the same page.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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One more detail on this @MSwanson86 - just spoke with Sara @ Shopify. She did a bit more digging and she found this new feature that is currently in beta. No mention of a scheduled release date. In the doc you’ll see this is being tested in France now -


This is not exactly what you’re asking for, but you and others may find this interesting. 

Imagine you are shopping for groceries. You’re in need of peanuts. You’re not picky about the brand, but you are frugal. So it’s important to you to see the price in Ounces. The standard PDP will show price per container - maybe $9 here, $12 there, etc. But this new feature will allow merchants to also show the price per ounce for comparative shoppers. Neat feature. 

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Thanks very much @josh.fischer.  


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