Shopify basic or shopify plus, is there a restriction in acumatica connector?

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Hello, as you know Acumatica has a commerce connector with shopify. I read documentation but I did not find if there is a restriction with versions of shopify, do you know if acumatica is compatible with any version?


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Hi @tadeo23 - technically our connector will work with any version of Shopify. There are no limitations.

The majority of our customers utilizing the solution are primarily Shopify Plus merchants, but that’s only because of the typical size of merchant who is utilizing an ERP. We also have several Manufacturer’s and Distributors who are selling D2C via Shopify, and often times their efforts are “early days” or experimental. In those cases, standard Shopify or Shopify Advanced are good fits for their needs.

For anyone who stumbles onto this and is curious, the same is true with BigCommerce. Many of our joint customers are utilizing BigCommerce Enterprise, but there are no limitations. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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Hello Josh, 

Thank you for clarifying this doubt. Customer wants to start an experiment with a basic version but plan is to have Shopify Plus. 


This post demonstrate the power of Acumatica community! 


Have a great day!

@josh.fischer at Summit I attending the talk with you and Shopify and it was said that the connector only works with Shopify Plus.


Can you confirm if we are still able to use any version of Shopify with the connector? 


If we are able to use any version, do you know if there are any limitations when using a non-plus Shopify account? 

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Hi @calebgilbertson - I think you are referencing the session where Sarah (from Shopify) and I presented. I do remember Sarah mentioning, specifically, the integration with Shopify Plus, however I think she was referencing Shopify Plus only because she represents the B2B team at Shopify and those B2B features that Shopify recently released are only available with Shopify Plus. 

To confirm, the Acumatica commerce connector with Shopify will support all versions of Shopify and it supports B2C, B2B, DTC and POS sales. 

The only limitations you would face would be on the Shopify side. There are features (like the B2B features) which are available only with Shopify Plus. But there are no connector/Acumatica limitations depending on the version of Shopify that you’re using.

Does that clear things up?

Thank you Josh for the official statement and also thank you for not limiting Acumatica to only work with Shopify Plus. The Shopify limits you reference are likely tied to the API rate limits (see here for Shopify’s API rate-limit docs).

For example, while you may have a small amount of revenue on a store, but if you are pushing inventory availability updates for 150k products in real-time, you might run into some challenges.

That said, we have a client on Shopify (non-plus) and tens of thousands of products and things work well.

Thanks again!

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@greg27 - Yea! 150k real time inv updates would be rough. Can’t wait till the cloud runs on quantum computing... 

Thanks for confirming! 


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