Non-stock item set as unavailable in Shopify

  • 29 July 2023
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I can see under the 23R1 documentation that setting the Availability of a Non-Stock item to “Set as Unavailable” is supposed to disable it and make it “not available for purchasing in the online store”:


However, I can’t see that anything changes in Shopify when the Non-Stock item is Set as Unavailable; I am still able to purchase the product online.

Can anyone advise what the expected behavior is for this setting and Non-Stock items in Shopify?


Best answer by Yuri Karpenko 31 July 2023, 20:37

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3 replies

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@mikeho , the official mapping reference says that the availability should work like this:

Once you do the update in Acumatica, please make sure to prepare and process data for Non-Stock Item entity. Make sure that when you prepare data, the item you have changed is displayed in the Process Data screen. If it’s not, try to change it some more (say, change the description a little bit), and then re-prepare. If the item is prepared and is shown on the Process Data screen, process the data and review results in Shopify. If the results are NOT as described above in the screenshot, navigate to Commerce workspace, Entities screen, select the Non-Stock Item entity, and make sure you don’t have any filters / conditions, and / or custom mapping enabled. If everything looks good to you as far as set up goes, and you’re still not getting the desired result, please let me know.

Finally, let’s make sure that this non-stock item is not a matrix product belonging to a template item. If it is, then it might be the cause of the issue.

Looking forward to your updates!

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Hi @Yuri Karpenko - thank you for that, I understand now and see that setting a non-stock item as Unavailable is removing the Online Store sales channel in Shopify.

And to answer your last question, yes - we have some non-stock items that are a matrix product belonging to a template item. Is there anything we can/should do differently for these?

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@mikeho , with the matrix inventory, you control inventory on the matrix level (a variant), but the assignment to sales channels happens on the template level (a parent product). So I’m not sure what Shopify will do. It will most probably keep the item listed (a variant), but you won’t be able to purchase it, if the inventory is 0.


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