Import non-historical fullfilled Shopify Orders

  • 20 June 2023
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Use case:

Our client is using the Shopify commerce connector. They have the Amazon connector for Shopify which imports Amazon orders into Shopify which are in turn imported into Acumatica. The system works very well. Recently they started doing Amazon FBA and need to impport fulfilled orders as well.



The problem is that those orders are brought into Shopify as fulfilled, so they are not imported to Acumatica.


Is there a way to modify the Fulfilled import filter to allow orders to the AMAZON FBA client to be imported?

1 reply

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@michael73 Shopify connector does import the fulfilled orders. I suspected it is not importing because you might have the settings turned on to automatically archive the orders as soon as it is fulfilled and paid. Please turn off that because the Shopify connector does not import Archived orders. 


You might have a different problem once the orders are imported in Acumatica. That is for the FBA orders the Shipments should not created as it is already fulfilled by Amazon. So you should import them as Sales Order of Order Type IN instead SO. 

If Shopify API provides this information in the source field then you can provide that condition in the entities mapping as,  if the Source is AMZ(its just an example) then Order type= IN


If you still have some issues. I would recommend creating a case with Acumatica, we will help you out. 


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