How-To: Handle product availability when the Warehouse-Location mapping is changed for already exported location

  • 28 July 2021
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Scenario: There are three locations(Seattle, California, Dallas) created in Shopify and there are three warehouses in Acumatica such as Retail, Wholesale and Dummy. Initially during the ERP implementation phase the warehouse location mapping is done as in the below screenshot. 


The Item quantity for RETAIL → Seattle is 11 and Wholesale → California is 199.

At some point, after the implementation phase, the user changed the warehouse location mapping as the below. 


Now in Shopify the product availability would as the below. 

Seattle → 11

Dallas → 199

California → 199

Note: The Commerce Connector will not make the existing California location quantity to 0 as it is not sure if it is has to make it to 0 or leave it with the existing value. Because, the user might manage the inventory for this California location manually.

So if the user wants to make the quantity of the California to 0, then the user has to map a 0 inventory Acumatica warehouse Dummy to the Shopify California location and process the Product Availability entity to make inventory as 0.


Once exported, the warehouse location for the DUMMY->California could be removed. 

3 replies

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Big Commerce.  I have heard that Shipper HQ handles this.  Any comments?

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@dgodsill97 which system you are referring to? Is it Acumatica, BigCommerce or Shopify? 

As far as I know, neither of the systems have the ability to assign a warehouse or location to the customer. 

I would suggest you to check with your eCommerce partner to see if this is possible in their system. If yes, then we from Acumatica could support through the Commerce Connector if there are APIs available. 

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How can you show inventory availability based on the warehouse assigned to the customer?  Client has regional warehouses and for B2B only wants to show inventory availability for the warehouse assigned to the customer.  For B2C they would like to show inventory only for the warehouse closest to the customer.


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