Deleting Customer in Acumatica and Sync to BigCommerce

  • 14 February 2023
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We just want to confirm if this is what we expect for the connector when a customer was deleted in Acumatica. Please consider the ff:

1. A customer was created in Acumatica
2. It was synced to BigCommerce
3. Customer now exists in BC
4. Customer was deleted in Acu
5. Synced the customer in AC sync history
6. Customer still exists in BC

Is it what we are expecting? Do we have some indication in BC if a Customer was deleted from it's Acu source? Can we forbid them to log-in and place order in BC? 

Thank you


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> Is it what we are expecting?

[SM] Yes, when you delete data you have quite some problems with data consistency. For instance, orders are left without customer record. You won’t see history of the orders and so on.

Furthermore, I would encourage to not delete customers in Acumatica too. Better to make then inactive.


> Do we have some indication in BC if a Customer was deleted from it's Acu source?

[SM] As far as I know, BigCommerce does not have Active/Inactive for customers.


> Can we forbid them to log-in and place order in BC? 

[SM] Probably change password? But they will be able to reset password again. Even if you delete them, probably they can register again.

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As @smarenich said, it’s not easy to implement a deletion process in the integrated solution. However, I think it could be achieved.

First, BigCommerce doesn’t have data integrity concerns. If you delete a customer who has orders, those orders become Guest Customer orders.

Second, there is an option to use before sending the DELETE request. That is, when a customer is deleted in Acumatica, before deleting it in BigCommerce, query BigCommerce, if there are any orders for this customer. And if there are none, delete the record. Otherwise, throw an error.

The only reason I’m expanding on this here, is that it might really be beneficial in situations when a website was maliciously injected with multiple new customer records, or as the author said, when you genuinely need to clean up your data.

Thank you!

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Thank you @smarenich and @Yuri Karpenko. I agree. Appreciate you expanding these scenarios, and providing tips. Great help!


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