BigCommerce non-stock item sync as physical not digital

  • 27 January 2022
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I have non-stock template item kits set up which are picked and packed at point of order. This works great when I process the order in Acumatica.


When the non-stock item is pushed to BigCommerce it is allocated as a Digital item and not a Physical and therefore does not have the associated shipping process and can be ordered without the need to input an address or select shipping options. If I manually change the item in BigCommerce to Physical, the resync from Acumatica overwrites this. 


The non-stock items have Require Shipment flagged on them.


Is there a way to have non-stock items sync as Physical?


Many thanks 




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5 replies

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Hi @mbrown30 

The Non-stock items will be pushed to BigCommerce as a Digital items only, this is core connector behavior but we can do a customization to set this status from Digital to Physical.

We can override MapBucketExport() method and do this change there after Base method call.

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Thanks Vivek


It would be good if the standard product looked up the Require Shipment flag for non-stock items to identify the item as Digital or Physical. 


I will look at doing the customisation. 


Thanks again for your help.



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Hi @mbrown30 

Below is the code piece for your reference, you can try with to set Non-Stock Items as Physical on sync from Acumatica to BigCommerce:

public class KNBCNonStockItemProcessorExt : PXGraphExtension<BCNonStockItemProcessor>


 public delegate void MapBucketExportDelegate(BCNonStockItemEntityBucket bucket, IMappedEntity existing);
        public void MapBucketExport(BCNonStockItemEntityBucket bucket, IMappedEntity existing, MapBucketExportDelegate baseMethod)
            baseMethod(bucket, existing);

            MappedNonStockItem obj = bucket.Product;

            NonStockItem impl = obj.Local;
            ProductData data = obj.Extern;

            data.Type = ProductTypes.physical.ToEnumMemberAttrValue();             


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Hi @mbrown30 You can do it without customization, using the Entities Mapping window. 

Something like - ProductData | Type | Non Stock Item | =’physical’

In Acumatica 2022r1 we are making this enhancement to treat Non Stock Items that requires shipment as physical item. 

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Hi @smarenich 


That worked perfectly, thank you and I will look at the 2022R1 Beta now. 






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