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  • 22 September 2020
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If you are using BigCommerce, you have probably been a little frustrated with what tools they give you for importing and exporting. Acumatica gives you a lot of options, but we found holes in what was possible (for now).  To get around these limitations, we found Skyvia.  It is a tool that allows you to connect to your BigCommerce store via API and then do importing and exporting.  I needed to update visibility on several thousand categories.  Acumatica didn’t have that field available, but I was able to export our whole category list and then import the changes pretty quickly.  Just passing this along in case others are searching for a solution.  I can also see us using it if we want to bulk update pages we have.    

3 replies

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Hi @RyanBrownXBYTE!

Thank you very much for the useful tip!

However, to make a product better, could you please clarify on “visibility on several thousand categories”.

Do you mean Product Category? I don’t see the visibility field in the category on BigCommerce.

Do you mean Product itself? There is a visibility, but you can control it from Acumatica side using Inventory Item.

Would you like to have needed visibility settings on Acumatica side? if yes than how?

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It’s visibility on the category.  We have 2 different trees for our inventory.  One has a lot of levels for our internal use and one is more flat and uses filters on items for the website.  We don’t want to show the tree with all the levels on the website so I had to update the “IsVisible” field on the category in BigCommerce.  If you are using the admin, you can access it in the category list screen.  You will see the column header “Visible in Menu”.  


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@RyanBrownXBYTE thank you very much.

I have found the field in the BigCommerce API.

I will place a change request to allow mapping of category visibility from Acumatica Side.


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