Big Commerce Sync Error in Acumatica 2021R2

  • 30 October 2021
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I have recently upgraded a client that was running big commerce connection in 2020R2 with no issues after the upgrade some of orders get this error message but i have not been able to narrow down what causes this problem it seam random to me.

“An error occurred during processing of the field Applied To Order value 759.04 Incorrect value. The value to be entered must be less than or equal to 0.0000”

i have no idea what field is trying to be updated. any help would be much appreciated. 


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3 replies

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@acurley30 Seems like you are either importing a cancelled order or the order doesn't have any line items. The system is expecting the payment to be 0.00 but it has 759.04. If you enabled refunds, then the refund entity should adjust the Applied To Order value. 

Anyhow, please create a case with Acumatica Support team, we should look into the data to see why it is happening. 

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We’re having the same issue with PayPal-paid orders, and not with other payment methods...

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@Yuri Karpenko From 2020R2, there are two different methods of importing the payments in Commerce connector.

  1. Payments are created with the Sales orders- (This is done to decrease the processing speed).
  2. Sales Orders and Payments are created separately with difference processors.

With the first method, there are some improvements to be done which are done in 22R1. So in your version, you should go with method two. When there is a mapping in the entities mapping for payment entity then the connector will automatically import using the method two. I provided a dummy mapping in your instance now. And the order BC00000192 is imported now. 


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