B2B and BC connect in One Acumatica

  • 28 June 2022
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We are planning to connect two stores (B2B and B2C) Bigcommerce in one Acumatica. May I ask what are the risks if we push it?


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7 replies

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@bernadeth58 technically there should be no challenges with that. Acumatica has a few clients with similar setup.

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Hi @smarenich thanks for your reply. Sorry, I just want to clarify, we have two stores (1 B2B and 1 B2C) that will connect to a one acumatica. 

Since BB2B already takeover the Customer Syncing, will there be an issue for syncing Customer to B2C?

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Hi @bernadeth58 - were you able to find a solution for your issue? Thank you!

Hi there! I am also running into the same issue. I have a client that have multiple stores and is using the BundleB2B package. 


According to the VAR who is implementing the e-commerce module, the current BundleB2B connector doesn’t support multiple B2B stores in one Acumatica instance. They are proposing the solution is to modify the Acumatica Customization written by Bundle B2B (now BigCommerce) to allow for two simultaneous B2B Editions to be connected to a single instance by utilizing  the BundleB2B functionalities while also using the native BigCommerce plug-in capabilities. For the modification, they are proposing an attribute checkbox be added to the BigCommerce stores, where if checked, use BundleB2B functionality, if not, use the native connector functionalities. Is this the best solution to differentiate which storefront will use BundleB2B vs. native components?



@Chris Hackett 


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@bernadeth58 , we have clients with 2 BigCommerce stores: 1 with B2B, and 1 with B2C features. We have the B2B customization installed in Acumatica. And now, it has that check box that @kmcalister58 was talking about above included. So, you do not need any additional customization to the package you will get from BigCommerce.

That said, there could be certain challenges associated with having both stores connected to the same Acumatica tenant, but with careful planning, you should be good.

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@Yuri Karpenko I was wondering if you could clarify something from your comment. What is the B2B customization for Acumatica you were talking about? Is that something from a third party?

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@tararosenthal , yes, in order for you to connect to B2B Edition of BigCommerce, you need to customize the native Acumatica BigCommerce Connector. Folks at BigCommerce can provide you with a customization package that does it for you. You should ask your PM or Account Manager from BigCommerce about this, and they will get you in touch with the appropriate team members.


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