Acumatica and Big Commerce: More than one customer price class

  • 1 July 2021
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We need customers to be in more than one Acumatica Customer Price Class for when we sync to Big Commerce.  We need one Customer Price Class for a 10% discount on Item Class A, and one Customer Price Class for a 15% discount on Item Class B.  Our issue is that when we sync to Big Commerce, we seem to be able to put a customer in only one Customer Price Class (called Customer Group in Big Commerce).  Does anyone know how to put a customer in two Customer Groups in Big Commerce?  


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6 replies

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@dougmcbride79 This cannot be achieved both in Acumatica and BigCommerce. None of the systems accept to have more one Customer Price Class/Customer Group per Customer. 

I would suggest you to create Customer Price Class based on Item Class. Meaning have one Customer Price Class with respective to Item Class A and another one with respective to Item Class B. By this you can create discounts easily per Customer Price Class/Customer Group/Item Class.

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Could you please further explain our suggested solution.  I am not understanding it.  

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Create one Customer Price Class in Acumatica per Item Class. 

Example: If you have two Items classes A and B then create two Customer Price Classed Retail and Wholesale. Assign all the Customers from Item Class A to Retail and Customers from Item Class B to Wholesale. See below table. The number of Customer Price Classes should be always equal to number of Item Classes. 


Customer Price Class Item Class Customer
Retail A




Wholesale B






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I greatly appreciate your example.  Your example solves my issue on the Acumatica side.  My second concern in on the Big Commerce side.  In Big Commerce I believe I can only put the customer in one Customer Price Class / Customer Group.  I need the customer to be in two Customer Price Classes in Big Commerce like I have the customer in Acumatica.  How can I get both Customer Prices Classes to apply to a customer in Big Commerce?

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@dougmcbride79 Please recheck my previous responses. Even in Acumatica, you cannot assign a same customer to more than one Customer Price Class or Item Class. Likewise, this cannot be done at BigCommerce as well. 

My suggestion is to have the Customer Price Class/Customer Group per Item Class. By doing this, you can assign discounts per Item Class and that's it. You still wont be able to assign a same customer to more than one Customer Price Class or Customer Group or Item Class. 

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Thank you for the clarification.  I appreciate your guidance. 


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