Tables showing items produced by employee or machine

  • 27 January 2022
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The goal is to create a report and/or GI that shows overall items produced each day.
I also need to report this for each employee and each machine.

There are 2 tables I have identified as possible sources.

-    AMMTRAN (This does not have the machine which I need)
This has InventoryID, QTY, Employee ID
It has 2 dates that seem valid.  CreatedDateTime and TranDate  (which date would be appropriate to use?  What is the difference between the 2 dates?)

-    AMProdItem (This does not have the machine nor the employee which I need)
This has InventoryID, QTY, 
It has 2 dates that seem valid.  CreatedDateTime and TranDate  (which date would be appropriate to use?  What is the difference between the 2 dates?)

Have I identified the correct tables?
How would I be able to get the QTY produced by machine?



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4 replies

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I did not get a response to this a few days ago and am replying to myself in an attempt to get this question exposed to the community again.


I will not do this again and I am sorry to re-ask.


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Hi @ltussing03  Sorry, I’m not very good at this module, but I can try my best.

For your requirement, you can use the “Tran Date” (This date refers to the Transaction Date → When Transaction is created).

Have you checked the “AMMach” table, where you can find the Machine ID.

Can you please let me know, from which screen you wanted to pull these details and create a Report/GI?

So that from there we can identify the tables and join conditions between the tables.


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Hi @ltussing03 

Can you please check with the ProdOrdID field? 

As you mentioned above reviewed the AMProdItem and AMMTRAN tables and found the InventoryID,ProdOrdID field and OrderType field are common.

If this has not helped, please share the screen name which you are trying to fetch the data.

select * from AMProdItem
inner join AMMTRAN on AMProdItem.ProdOrdID =AMMTRAN.ProdOrdID and AMProdItem.OrderType =AMMTRAN.OrderType
where InventoryID=’Provide InventoryID) // If required, we can add Where conditions.

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Naveen and Jini,

Thank you both for your replies.  I have been examining tables and processes and now believe there is no way to show qty produced off of an individual machine unless there is only one machine per work center.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a particular screen name for me to examine to ensure I have all QTYs produced.

It would be GREAT if I had a screen name so I could examine the fields on it!


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