Pushing Dashboard Parameters to Generic Inquiry Parameters

  • 7 October 2022
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I have GIs that are designed to dynamically include a sales order total to either a MTD column or YTD column depending on the value of the date in the GI’s parameter. We are using grouping and aggregates to summarize these totals by Branch and Month or Branch and Year.  

I’d like to display the results of these queries in a table format on a GI, meaning that the GI should have the data in the desired layout prior to exposing it to the Dashboard, but the user should be able to enter a date on the dashboard, that would then feed the GI so that the summarized totals are reflected in the results as though they were entering the date parameter in the GI as shown below where Ext Price = MTD Sales

and no - I don’t want to use a Pivot table… 😉

If anyone has cracked this puzzle, I’m interested in understanding how you did it.  


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5 replies

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Hi @plmainard ! For this issue I’m not sure there is a way to have the dashboard widget use the default parameter set on the GI and also follow the parameter set on the dashboard, it is one or the other.

You can have a parameter set on the GI with a default and the dashboard widget will pull this up if the option is selected in the widget configuration, or you can specify to follow the dashboard parameter.

If the Dashboard parameter is selected then the drill down to the GI from there will keep the parameter value set.

But I couldn’t find a way, in a single widget (I used KPI) to have the widget pick up the default GI parameter, meaning the parameter is originating from the GI, then turnaround and apply a parameter for the dashboard and have it override the GI parameter.

It was one or the other, but if the dashboard parameter was used, the GI did filter for this parameter upon drill down.

Maybe if you used a shared filter and then set the shared filter to apply instead of a default parameter, the widget could then be subject to the dashboard parameter without interference from a GI parameter.

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@BenjaminCrisman  Benjamin, so is there a way to have a parameter value that is not hard coded into the widget flow to the GI?

In the example below I want the dashboard user to select the value somehow, but it appears as if the only option is to provide a value ion the widget itself.


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@BenjaminCrisman This is the same topic a few weeks ago we had quite bit of conversation about it in Private Chat.

Acumatica Parameter logic in my opinion is definitely wrong. It misses a mapping table between DB Parameters and GI parameters. As a result of this bad design, it is not possible to run any GI that requires mandatory parameters.

The data flow in my opinion should be:

  1. user defines the parameters in DB
  2. in each widget, user have a mapping table to map each GI parameter to a DB Parameter or set an static value for it.
  3. user can set additional filtering on GI same as current situation.
  4. On DB widgets refresh, the engine reads the DB Parameters, passes them to GI Parameters, executes the GI and applies the additional filtering if applicable from step 3
  5. Returns the processed result and displays in desired form as per widget.

I gave you a very simple example in the private chat that I copy it here:

“I need a simple column chart that compares current period Actual and Budget Revenue to the prior year equivalent period.

Let say 202301-202304 actual & budgeted revenue compared to 202201-202204 in one graph. I know I can create multiple graph for my purpose but to keep scaling the same and have a neat layout I need them in a single graph.”

if Acumatica team wants to improve on its DB I am personally ready for free consultation as it will be useful for the whole community. 
Also, that might be a good idea that @Chris Hackett as community manager in one of those quarterly/monthly sessions invite the Acumatica team and some people who have some suggestions and ideas to discuss and brainstorm on it. The DB can be much more robust and insightful.




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Hi , @Chris Hackett I have the same request. The pivot is a good tool, but in my case it’s unusable for my people without passing it a parameter.

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I’ve created an idea for this, as I just encountered the same issue on some finance dashboards I’m building.  Please go and vote and add your comments here:  



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