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  • 20 April 2022
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Does anyone have a good setup for an On Time Delivery Generic Inquiry? We are trying to decide the best way to do so and looking for ideas. Currently, I have a Shipment Performance generic inquiry that shows total days late for individual Sales Orders that have been completed, but I’m hoping to work in current open orders that are past due.


Best answer by Neil Cantral 20 April 2022, 19:08

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3 replies

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Depending on what you consider a late shipment and if customer lead times are accurate you could use something like this:

=DateDiff('d', Today(), [SOOrder.ShipDate])

Anything with a positive value could be considered on-time, anythign negative would be late.

If wanted to combine the completed and open orders into a single on-time indicator you can wrap it into an IIF or Switch function using a field like SOOrder.ShipmentCntr.

=IIF([SOOrder.ShipmentCntr]>0, DateDiff('d', Today(), [SOOrder.ShipDate]), [Your current formula], 0)

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@Neil Cantral that helped streamline my Generic Inquiry - thanks! I want to figure out the best way to display either a on time shipping percentage or ratio on the Dashboard so that will be my next step.

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