Item Sales Category displayed as column in Generic Inquiry

  • 9 October 2023
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I like to be able to display item sales category of stock item into GI as column. I know the DACs but what I don’t know is how to arrange them as column.

So, I have 20 different sales category to choose from.

Each product could only have 4 maximum categories, most only 2. Technically this is not limited but the client only assign sales category max 4 for each product.

I need the GI has 4 extra columns displaying this sales category values. If a product only has 2, then the 3rd and the 4th columns return blank.
I could not find any field within INItemCategory like line nbr etc for me to query in GI.

Pivot Table can be used but I need this as GI because it’s used in a scheduled import/export scenario.


2 replies

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HI @kristianharianja 

Are you looking to list the sales categories each in a column? If you choose to view the sales categories, it most likely will duplicate the stock item records? Or are you looking to just show the sales categories?

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@kandybeatty49 This is example of my item with sales category, some have 4 categories, some 2, etc but max 4.


I want to arrange the categories in GI as column like below, each row is single inventory item with 4 different columns of categories.



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