Invoice Number not displaying

  • 5 December 2022
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I wanted to get the Invoice Number from the Payments and Applications form.


If we go through the Reference Nbr we can see the Invoice Number related to that Reference Nbr.



Here is the relationship and condition to get the Invoice Nbr Value.



But Invoice Nbr is not displaying in the Report.



Does anyone have any idea what causes this issue and how to fix them?



4 replies

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Hi @RManathungage94! Have you tried joining ARAdjust to ARRegister instead of ARInvoice?

Typically all the transaction detail is stored in ARRegister and only some is stored in ARInvoice.

Let me know if this helps!

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Hi @BenjaminCrisman! yes, we have tried that as well. but still results are the same!!!

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@RManathungage94 Actually, when I check the relations it looks like you are joining ARInvoice, the adjusted document, to ARAdjust on AdjgDocType and AdjgRefNbr. The adjusting doc type is a payment and the adjusted doc type is an invoice, these are not equal.

I see why you want to link to ARInvoice, because ARRegister probably doesn’t have that custom field in it?

Try either using AdjdDocType and AdjdRefNbr to link to if possible

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Hi @RManathungage94 ,

                                              there is a field called " PPDCrMemoRefNbr” in ARAdjust DAC, that Joins to RefNbr of ARInvoice,  which can give you the desired Result,

Let Me know if you face any issues?


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