How to use more than four decimals in a formula

  • 29 November 2023
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I added the following formula to a GI: =[CSAnswers.Value]*[POReceiptLine.ExtCost]

The value of CSAnswers.Value for one of the records is 0.204714, and the POReceiptLine.ExtCost for that record is 11,117.76. The value I get in the cell with the formula is 2,275.805472.

The product of 0.204714*11,117.76 is 2275.96112064.

After closer examination I realized that the formula is only using the first four decimals of CSAnswers.Value. So the value in the cell with the formula is the product of 0.2047*11,117.76 which is indeed 2275.805472.

How do I get the formula to calculate the value using the additional decimals?


6 replies

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How about


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@darylbowman what does CDec do?

I added it to my formula and now I’m getting 0.0000



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CDec converts a string to a decimal. CSAnswers.Value is a string in the database:

How about:



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@darylbowman thanks for the explanation. I tried 


And I’m still getting 0.000.



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Hi @aaronsilber were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @Chris Hackett thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, I was not able to solve for my use case yet.


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