How do create a relation that will join only one of several rows?

  • 22 September 2022
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I want to join ARInvoice to FSBillHistory.  Sometimes I get two returns for one ARInvoice RefNbr, depending on if there are two appointments billed to the one invoice.

There must be a way to use relations to grab only one of the two (or possibly more than two) returns.

I have tried using First([X]) = [X] , Max([X]) = ([X]) (can’t because of aggregate).  There must be a way to relate the join to provide only one return per match.  Can anyone help??





2 replies

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Hi @dgross 
Have you tried using Grouping? you can group by ARInvoice.RefNbr


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Hi @dgross ! As @Anacarina Calvo  mentioned grouping can be a good option unless you are trying to show an amount of only one of the lines to be returned.

Otherwise what you’ll need to do is join a second time the FSBillHistory table (giving it a new alias) and probably do a join to the original FSBillHistory table where the CreatedDateTime is < or > than the other CreatedDateTime.

Here is a recent post where we accomplished something similar but relating to Sales Orders and Shipments with the need being to show the first shipment on the order:



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