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  • 20 February 2024
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I need assistance setting up approval map for time cards. Our current system is that the Foremen creates and approves the timecards on behalf of the field. Once they approve the timecard it should go to the project manager for approval/release. Trying to set up where the Foremen can create timecards for any employee so i made sure they have access to the all employee group, I tried to set the rule that they are required to approve the document if its created by them (document > credted by > equals > foremen user) and the project managers will approve based off the project number using timecard detail > project > equals project number. I need help please.



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3 replies

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This is a related idea: Did you Consider using Crew Time Entry screen?


Leaving Conditions tab completely blank, on the Rule Actions tab of Approval Map, direct the approval to the Project managers like this:

Approver = Employee from Document.

Employee: use + to expand Timecard Detail node, expand Project node, and choose Project Manager:

Now all timecards are routed to Project Manager for first-level approval.


Please vote for your idea to make it easy to Skip Approvals if the person entering a document is also the document’s approver:


Thank you.


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Thanks @Laura02,


I love the idea of the crew time however can you do this using the mobile app or only desktop feature? Also is there a way to make it so that when the project manager approves the time card it automatically releases?

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Hello @CJohnson15 ,

I think any Acumatica screen can be made available on the mobile app, but please DO check with your partner/VAR to be sure.

Release Timecards process screen can be scheduled to run itself.  As Timecards are approved, they move to Release Timecards screen, and the schedule releases them weekly, daily, hourly… on whatever basis the schedule is configured.





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