Payroll Posting Settings based on Projects

  • 11 August 2021
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This is a follow-up to an earlier question- where Denise indicated that there is (or will be?) a secondary setting for “x” projects to be posting to the GL. Where is this setting to be found and configured?


We have entered timecards and posted to projects with the GL Posting turned on.  Time to projects got posted in a GL batch, however time to the <x> project (which included the Holiday time and normalize time) did not get dollarized into a GL Batch. This is on 2021 R1 with no Payroll enabled.

9 replies

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We need to have this resolved. I just checked in 2022 R1 and it appears to work the same way.  Releasing time to a project and some non-project time.  Time on projects posts to the GL non project time just drops off and does not post.    

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I’ve used Acumatica to enter my timesheets at two different employers. We didn’t use Acumatica PR module.  We posted non-project time to an Internal project (project with tasks that look like PTO, Holiday, Company Meetings) with no billing rule and no customer. 

As a ‘worker bee’ I didn’t have rights to see the GL entries related to my timesheets, but I wonder if the idea might help you.

If you post to an internal project instead of X does this solve the need; does an internal project versus X post to GL properly?


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This is not currently achievable in any release. Time cards will only post project transactions, the time and expenses module does not have an ability to post to the GL directly. I’d love to know if this functionality is planned to be changed, it is a headache to implement. 

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@GJensen / @rlugar39 -  although the title of this post is (Payroll Posting Settings based on Projects) what I am reading is WITHOUT payroll can you both please clarify?

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Shannon Yes this is without payroll.  I have not tested it with payroll but I suspect it could be a similar issue because the problem is with the release of the Time Entry into project transactions.  You see the detail in the project transaction posting but the batch number is not assigned to the X line because that portion is dropped from the GL posting.   Everywhere else in the product when an X line is part of the posting the X line carries through to the GL.  I would think this makes a reconciliation between the payroll expense accrual account and your payroll entry even more difficult then it needs to be.

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The suggestion of using indirect projects works, but not in all situations.  There is a functionality in Acumatica timekeeping to bring timecard hours to standard, but there is no way to attach a project to those hours. So that functionality - while a really nice on- is not usable.  And I believe (have not tried on the latest versions) that holiday time as the same issue- no way to assign a project job. A solution might involve allowing all functions to at least have a default project, and then even if there is a secondary allocation needed, the GL posting and project are the same.

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@GJensen This is not an issue when the Payroll module is in use. It is solely an issue in an Acumatica site without Payroll. The issue is in how the system generates transaction records from the timecard. Timecards have no ability from any version of the system to post directly to the GL. 


In a site without Payroll, Timecards will post a Project Transaction. As a result, there is no ability in the system to post GL activity for transactions with a non project code. 


In a site with Payroll enabled, Timecards no longer create a project transaction. Instead they simply populate time activity to be imported towards a PR batch. The PR batch itself will post towards the general ledger and to the construction module. As a result, records with a non project code will post successfully to the GL. 

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Hi @rlugar39 - were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi Chris,


I don’t believe so. It sounds like the.  payroll module must be used, and then Construction moduel is referenced.  The general use case is not a construction vertical, but simply professional services that requires project. If the holiday function and the bring hours to standard functions allowed for a project to be defaulted or set, that would do it.  Otherwise, there appears to be too many limitations for the use unless a customer has both payroll and construction.  


I appreciate any further insights.


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